About Us

Why do bearings cost so much? Essential items like bearings and hardware boost up the price of new set ups. $20 for bearings $5 for hardware, that's an extra $25 on top of what we're already paying, what if we could reduce the cost of that to make our completes more reasonable?

Us skaters are always trying to save money by re-using hardware or popping an old set of bearings in a new set of wheels, but sometimes hardware breaks and bearings don't stay as fast as they were.

The idea: What if you had an extra set of bearings or hardware ready to go when you needed it? Or your friend popped a bearing while trying to kick flip the 7 at the park? How may times have you popped one bearing and then had to buy a whole new set to replace just one? It would be pretty sick if when you bought these things it came with some spares.. or possible a whole set.

BOOM! BOGO, Buy One Get One. Buy a set of bearings or hardware, get a set free.

In addition to reducing the price of these essential items, we'll throw in an extra set for free. With the same quality as the big guys, but with a local vibe and lower price. For friends, by friends.